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This year’s Learning & HR Tech Solutions program offers a unique blend of world-class sessions covering organization-wide best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging industry trends. Expand your focus with new approaches that best fit your needs, get inspired by industry leaders and experts, and develop new skills with hands-on activities.

Session List


Enabling the Augmented Enterprise
Mike Hruska & Christina Barss, Problem Solutions

Using GenAI Multimodal
Capabilities for Learning Development
Josh Cavalier,

Generative AI for Unique and Original L&D Imagery
Leo Rodman, Impact Networking

AI in eLearning on a Shoestring Budget—Integrating ChatGPT in Storyline
Garima Gupta, Artha Learning

Can AI Replace Instructional Designers: The Future of Learning Content
Iuliia Algasova, EPAM System

Power Automate for Beginners: Automating HR Workflows with AI
Sandie Dela Cruz, Edwards Lifesciences

5 Ways to Automate Project Management Tasks
Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo

Deciphering AI in Learning & HR: Navigating Hype and Reality
Markus Bernhardt, Endeavor Intelligence Insights

Zapping Your Way to Automated Learning and Development
Robin Sargent, IDOL courses

Harness AI to Transform Your Learning Ecosystem
JD Dillon, Axonify

Generating Plausible Choices and Consequences for Scenarios Using AI Tools
Christy Tucker, Syniad Learning

ChatGPT, AI, and the Future of Performance Reviews
Lewis Lin, ManageBetter


Transforming HR with Powered Strategies
Rosa Espinal, CareerSource Central Florida

Design an Impactful, Interactive, Engaging, Community-building Orientation
Claire Hatamiya & Audry Welch, Larkin Street Youth Services

Putting the Human into HR: What the Research Says
Clark Quinn, Upside Learning

Nurturing a Culture of Employee Wellbeing: Strategies for a Thriving Team
Katy Rey, Humans First Coaching and Consulting

Mindfulness and Project Management. Stay Grounded, Balanced, and Successful
Molly Crowley, Sealworks Interactive Studios

The Power of Problem-Solving Styles: Unlock You and Your Team’s Potential
Robyn Defelice, RADLearning

Stand Up And Lead: How Thinking Like A Comedian Builds Standout Cultures
David Horning, Peppercomm

Building Psychology Safety At Work Through Play
Jeff Harry, Rediscover Your Play

Fostering Inclusive and Psychologically Safe Learning Environments
Lisa Sepahi, Corporation for Supportive Housing

Crushing the Imposter Within: Empowering Yourself to Overcome Self-Doubt
Ebony Lawrence, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Yolanda Larner, LHT Learning

Igniting the Path to Genuine Employee Engagement and Innovation
Alexandria Czoschke, Arcules, Sharon Garrett, Zoro

Emotional Intelligence: the Key to a Thriving Inclusive Organization
Johanna Molina, The Intern Group

Generational Contexts: Building the Now for Tomorrow and Tomorrow for Now
Greggory Wright, HireGenics

Unlock Business Success Through People-Centric Leadership
Kim Carpenter, People at the Center


xAPI + HRIS = Unlocking Learning Performance Data
Chad Udell, SparkLearn

Find the Simplest Solution for Evaluating Your Learning Programs
Dr. Alaina Szlachta, By Design Development Solutions

DIY Data Visualization: Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Tell Your Story
Jennifer Grimes, Nektar Design

Improve Relationships & Evaluation Using Data in a One-Stop-Shop Dashboard
Michele Spotts, Dartmouth Health

Beginner’s Guide to Irrefutable Learning Program Impact
Michael Lawrence, Fox Factory


Design for All: Essential Accessibility Practices
Sarah Mercier, Build Capable

Unconscious Bias Unmasked: Addressing DEI Challenges in Training
RK Prasad, CommLab India LLP

Are You REALLY Inclusive? Transgender 101
Carla Goldberg, Vantage Bank

A Beginner’s Guide to Designing Inclusive and Accessible Materials
Chrisanna (Chris) Paxton McMillin, D3 Training Solutions

DIY for DEI:  Building DEI Programs from the Ground Up
Daron Moore, Emburse

Measuring DEI: Beyond Simple Counts to Impactful Engagement James McKim, James T McKim Jr

Making DEI Change Stick
James McKim, Organizational Ignition


Plot eLearning Scenarios: Using Story Beats and the Comedy Plot Curve
Mike Roy, Mike V Roy

Learner-Centric Training: Creating Dynamic and Effective Learner Personas
Penny Bonny, Verisk

TECH Doesn’t Need to Be TECHnical: Building Engaging Learning Experiences
Harley Fritts & Joey McGraw, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Extending the Learner Journey with Drip Learning
Alex Ryan & Tristia Hennessey, Evolve Solutions Group

Find Your Friction: Making Sure Your Learning Ecosystem Puts Learners First
Jeremy Roberts, JRo Learning

Mastering Project Management for eLearning: Unlocking SME Collaboration
Steph Curry, Northwestern Mutual Insurance

Forget SAM and LLAMA, Use Scrum for LXD Agile Delivery
Adrienne Herndon, Amazon

Accessibility: Fairy Tale Endings for Previously Published Courses
Karen Rieff, DPEP Technology & Digital

Propel Your Learning Career with XR Modalities in Instructional Design
Kelly Prince, Intuitive Surgical

Creating High-Quality Talent Development without High Tech
Suzanne Peikin, Moffitt Cancer Center

What Video Games Can Teach L&D About Crafting Effective Scenarios & Sims
Bianca Woods, Articulate

How Learning To Write Songs Improves Your Ability To Innovate Cliff Goldmacher, The Reason For The Rhymes

The Power of Personas and AI to Create Effective Learning
Jill Stanton, Fredrickson Learning

Maximize E-learning: Getting the Most Out of Your Course
David Westbrook, Econometrica


“Skills of the Future”—Defining a Plan to Acquire Skills You Need
Barry Nadler, FIS

Learning and Development Leadership is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Sonya Overstreet, Leadec

Transforming L&D Roles: Navigating New Skills & Organizational Structures
Lucas Stidham & Julio Montalvo, Living Spaces

Modern L&D at Scale: The Intersection of Community, Mentorship, & Learning
Jamie Langskov, Chaotic Good Consulting

AI Ethics: Navigating the New Frontier
Rian Moses-Hedrick & Clark Moeller, GAAP Dynamics

The Onboarding Advantage: Strategies for Maximizing Employee Lifetime Value
Kaelan MacNeill, Self-employed (Prev: Shopify)

Productivity Hacks to Give You More of Your Day Back!
Jamie Champagne, Champagne Collaborations

Be The Change: Implementing Agile on the L&D Team
Megan Torrance, TorranceLearning

Building Deeper Strategic Partnerships
Christopher Adams, Performance Change Strategies

Driving Change within the Business Culture
Jennifer Demchar 

How HR and L&D can Partner  for Successful Hybrid Work
Wayne Turmel, Kevin Eikenberry Group

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Crafting a Thriving Emerging Leader Program
Tracy Parish, Parish Creative Solutions


Embracing Failure: Reimagining Learning Through Constructive Struggling
Kevin Lange, Immersion Learning

Building a Succession Management Strategy and Approach
Jen Pinto, PCC, The Jen Pinto LLC

Beyond Adoption: Continuous Change Management in the Age of AI
Christina Barss, Problem Solutions

Leveraging Chaos: How HR and L&D Can Help During Buyouts and Reorgs
Wayne Turmel, The Kevin Eikenberry Group


Mastering Microlearning: Crafting a Plan for Impactful Implementation
Carla Torgerson, Torgerson Consulting

Harnessing Micro-Learning for Effective DEI Education
Dr. Angela Robbins & Dr. Diana Brandon, Strategic eLearning dba eLearningDOC

7 Principles to Design Effective Microlearning
Robyn Defelice, RADLearning

Boost Team Performance: Feedback & Micro-Learning
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi & Matthew Casey-Sudvary, Herrmann

Use Workflow Learning to Enable and Assure Performance of Unlearnable SOPs
Bill Crose, Adyton


Help Develop the Generative AI Policy for Your Organization
Debbie Richards, Creative Interactive Ideas

Create Amazing Visual Interactive Handbooks, PDFs, and Guides in PowerPoint
Richard Goring, BrightCarbon

Using Process Documentation to Enhance Company Culture
Adriana Richardson, The Lazy Millennial

Not Just for Training: Needs Assessment as HR Strategy
Kelly Jones, EquipmentShare, Jody Lumsden, 

Empowering Working Parents Through HR
Kortney Ross, Ross Learning Solutions

Upskill Your Needs Analysis to Dramatically Impact Business Outcomes
Mike Simmons, Catalyst A.C.T.S.

The Robots Are Not Taking Over: How AI Can Elevate (NOT Eliminate) HR
Kari Naimon, AixHR

Elevate Your Compliance Training To The Next Level
Roy de Vries & Ger Driesen, aNewSpring


Virtual Training in 2024 & Beyond: 5 Questions Every Organization Must Ask
Cindy Huggett, Cindy Huggett Consulting

Online Career Development Communities for Organizational Learning & Growth
Elizabeth Kohler & Kimberly Brisky, Cleveland Clinic

Unlock the Formula for Success-Create Active & Sustainable Virtual Learning
Jennifer Hofmann & Karen Vieth, InSync Training

Igniting New Hire Engagement: Effective Onboarding in Hybrid Workplace
Karen Vieth & Jennifer Hofmann, InSync Training

Improving Meetings with Async Video for in-person, Hybrid, & Remote Workers
Matthew Pierce, TechSmith


Motivation and Learning
Julie Dirksen, Usable Learning

Unleashing the Potential of Action-Based Learning
Tory Hord, Tory Hord Consulting

Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Practices to Optimize L&D Project Success
Michael Law, Georgia State University, Dept. of Learning Sciences

The Ripple Effect: How Connection Transforms Learning Journeys
Katrina Kennedy, Katrina Kennedy Training

Key Strategies to Cultivate SME Engagement
Juan Mavo-Navarro, Threshold Concepts

Fostering Creativity: Brainstorming Begins with Questions
Megan Kelynack, AJM, Cortney Oortman, Roush

A Systems Thinking Approach to Supporting Learning Solutions
Denise Hart & Jillian Canode, BDO USA


Promoting Employee Retention Through Personalized Learning and Development
Amy Tessitore, Open LMS

Everything New Is Old Again
Barbara Cotes, Haskell

Maximizing Organizational Outcomes through PowerSkills Hiring
Isabella Johnston, Employers 4 Change

The Secret Sauce to Attract and Retain Talent
Wendy Terwelp, Opportunity Knocks of Wisconsin

On-Boarding Before Employment: How Is it Possible?
Marjan Bradesko, NIL part of Conscia

Creating a Retention-focused Culture & Building High-performing Teams
Mark Krajnik, Performance Mindset Associates (PMA)

Case Study: One Size Does Not Fit All Talent Development
Steven Beggs, Wolseley Canada

Using Rise 360 to Leverage Onboarding and Retention
Kimberly Newman, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles


Launching Your LMS: How to Enliven, Engage, and Inspire Learning
Audry Welch & Claire Hatamiya, Larkin Street Youth Services

The 5 Pillars of xAPI Dashboards
Nicola Mastrorilli, Cartesiani

Maximizing Value from Your LMS
Kiara Graham, BDO Canada

Mapping and Organizing Your Learning Ecosystem
Tammy Rutherford, Rustici Software

Building a Resource Toolkit: L-Tech Freebies and Cheapies
Jennifer Buckley, J Buckley Consulting, Dara Moore, DaraMoore

5 Things To Know About Mastering Master Slides in Articulate Storyline 360
Kevin Thorn, Artisan E-Learning

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Interactive Slides in Storyline 360
John Moore, Yukon Learning

Interactive, Engaging, and Equitable Access for All
Dion Gnanakkan, Faye Ferro, & Heather Scott-Encalade, Social Security Administration

A Quest for a New LMS
Margharita Nehme, Evident Learning

Penn Foster’s Collaborative and Dynamic Learning Experience Tool
Keith Gallagher, Penn Foster Group, Steven Lee, Allen Interactions

You Have Selected an LMS. Now What?
Margharita Nehme, Evident Learning 


Repurpose, Reimagine, Engage: The Short-Form Video Blueprint
Shaniqua Washington, Verisk

Training YOU: Building an Interactive Video Resume
Tim Crowe & Kelly Fischer, AT&T

Harnessing the Power of Video: Mastering Onboarding in Uncertain Times
Vanessa Alzate, Anchored Training

Video Producer’s Primer
Mark Lassoff, Framework Tech

Transforming Traditional Teaching Materials into Engaging Videos
Jonny Havey & Hector Simoudis, eLearning Partners

How I Saved 14,400 Hours of Work
Kevin Zaragoza, Texas A&M University


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