Achieve Inclusive Excellence

Monday, April 22, 2024

Companies with diverse leadership, including women leaders, outperform their peers, garner strong customer loyalty, and are more appealing to young job seekers. Despite these compelling arguments for a strong culture of inclusivity, women trail men in leadership roles at all levels. And decades of hard-won advances toward gender parity were all but erased during the COVID pandemic.

Human Resources professionals are acutely aware of the barriers women and BIPOC employees face in advancing into—and remaining in—leadership roles. And learning and development teams have long emphasized inclusivity as both a feature of all training products and a broader strategy. It’s time to join forces and focus on solutions. The Learning Guild is pleased to introduce a solutions-oriented seminar, “Advancing Women in Leadership.”

Invest a day where we will expose gender-based barriers and biases—and co-create ways to overcome them, explore strategies for advancing women leaders at all levels, engage with peers to craft solutions to common challenges women and minority leaders confront as they pursue career growth, and equip yourself with tools to nurture future leaders and foster allyship in your organization.

Learn from HR and L&D leaders, collaborate with peers—and leave empowered with the knowledge, skills, and solutions to drive positive change, transform culture, and support diverse leaders throughout your organization.

Women in Leadership attendees


8:30a – 10:00a

Women Bring Unique Strengths to Leadership

The event kicks off with a warm welcome and sets the stage for an engaging exploration of leadership and diversity. Following the opening remarks, a TED-style talk from a dynamic female leader will blend inspiration with actionable insights. Then a panel discussion will dive into overcoming gender-based barriers and biases, shedding light on the positive facets of female leadership.

10:00a – 10:30a

Morning Coffee Break

10:30a – 12:00p

Building Better Solutions—Together

Iterative Solutioning activity based on Thiagi’s “Improved Solutions” frame game approach: working groups collaboratively create and improve on solutions to challenging real-world problems with solutions that can be implemented tomorrow!

12:00p – 1:00p

Lunch Break

1:00p – 1:30p

Review and Reflect

Review the pairs of solutions and reflect on each of the “roles” played during the activity.

1:30p – 2:30p

Empower Future Women / BIPOC Leaders

A series of 15-20-minute presentations from leaders who have successfully deployed strategies for promoting women/BIPOC employees, increasing the number of women/BIPOC leaders in their organization, and supporting people in or aspiring to leadership roles. Presentations may include topics like mentorships/reverse mentoring, leadership development programs, and cohort learning.

2:30p – 3:00p

Afternoon Dessert Break

3:00p – 4:00p

Fostering Allies in Your Organization

A mini-workshop on creating materials for an allyship program to encourage bystanders to recognize and respond appropriately to biased or other inappropriate behaviors and comments, and to encourage leaders to recognize and mitigate biases that impact hiring and promotion decisions.

4:00p – 4:30p

Summary Discussion

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Have questions about the Forum? Please feel free to reach out to David Kelly directly.