Embracing the AI Evolution in Tomorrow’s Workplace

Monday, April 22, 2024

In today’s evolving work landscape, Learning & Development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) are increasingly intersecting to foster a more enriched organizational environment. A significant player in this merger is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which acts as a catalyst, unveiling new avenues of innovation and strategic advancement.

This one-day event invites L&D and HR practitioners to delve into the sphere of AI, exploring its potential in redefining workforce strategies and organizational cultures. The agenda encompasses interactive dialogues, analytical discussions, and a series of panels and presentations that shed light on the latest AI-driven trends in managing and developing

Whether you are an established professional or a newcomer in the L&D or HR field, this symposium is a prime opportunity to augment your AI literacy. You will depart with actionable insights to initiate informed discussions and drive AI-centric transformations within your organizations.

What to Expect

Guided by a cadre of experienced professionals, attendees will:

  • navigate through the ethical dimensions of applying AI
  • identify best practices for seamlessly integrating AI into existing L&D and HR initiatives

Attendees will also discover how AI can:

  • enhance employee engagement
  • streamline operational processes
  • foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement



8:30a – 8:40a

Welcome & Introductions

8:40a – 9:20a

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning and Talent Management

Explore how AI is set to shape the future of learning and talent management. Discover how leveraging AI technologies can enhance learning experiences, drive innovation in talent management, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

9:20a – 10:00a

The Fundamentals & Language of AI

Acquire a solid understanding of AI’s core principles and applications across various organizational functions. Uncover the distinctions between machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other AI forms, and their implications for learning, development, and human resource management.

10:00a – 10:30a

Morning Coffee Break

10:30a – 11:15a

Panel Discussion: Ethical Considerations in AI

Engage in a rich discussion on the ethical dimensions of AI in L&D and HR practices. Examine the issues of bias, fairness, and privacy, and learn how to navigate these challenges in your organization.

11:15a – 12:00p

Implementing AI: Automation and Efficiency

Discover how AI can automate routine HR and L&D processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and freeing up time for more strategic, human-centric initiatives.

12:00p – 1:00p

Lunch Break

1:00p – 1:45p

Implementing AI: Generating Content and Enhancing Employee Development

Explore the benefits of AI-driven content generation in creating personalized learning pathways and supporting employee growth and development. Learn how to integrate AI into your organization’s talent management strategies.

1:45p – 2:30p

Implementing AI: Optimizing Learning Experiences and Performance Management

Unlock the potential of AI in enhancing programs, personalizing training, analyzing performance data, optimizing skill development, and supporting continuous learning and performance management.


2:30p – 3:00p

Afternoon Dessert Break

3:00p – 3:45p

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Explore how AI is reshaping the employment landscape, from job roles to skill requirements. Learn how L&D and HR professionals can equip employees with the necessary skills and leverage AI to boost productivity and engagement.

3:45p – 4:25p

Your AI, Learning, and HR Questions Answered

Post an immersive exploration into AI, engage with our expert facilitators to address your most pressing questions concerning AI’s integration and impact on L&D and HR functions.

4:25p – 4:30p

Summary Discussion

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