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P02 Automation for All: Maximize Your Impact with Cheap and Easy Automations

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday, April 22

L&D & HR are being asked to do more with less. Budgets are tightening, head counts are shrinking, and yet our mission is as critical as ever. How can you make the most of your team’s resources? By being strategic with their deployment. This means not wasting headcount on tasks that can easily be automated. In this session, we will use productivity tools including Coda and Zapier to automate common tasks. You will walk away with fully-built tools that are ready to take over some of your mundane responsibilities.

This session introduces automation as an accessible way to stretch your resources in a tight economic environment. We’ll start with a brief discussion of the benefits that automation can deliver for a team. We’ll examine the different types of tasks that are best suited for automation, and the higher-order work that our teams can tackle when they aren’t wasting their time on boring, rote chores.

Next, we’ll take our list of automatable tasks and start automating them. Each tool that we build will include learning new skills such as Coda formulas, JSON, Webhooks, REST APIs, and more. If these skills feel out of reach or scary, this session is still for you! We will be approaching each of these topics from the perspective of a brand-new learner and keeping the explanations high level. At the end of the session, you will have several fully built automation tools ready to deploy in your environment. More importantly, you’ll walk away with the skills necessary to integrate and automate your systems, enabling your team to focus on high-impact work.

Brandon Burtner

Senior Digital Learning Manager


Brandon Burtner oversees Solo.io Academy, an online learning platform that provides training and certifications to cloud engineers. Before joining Solo.io, Brandon was the learning operations manager for Robinhood, overseeing data analytics and project management functions. With a decade of experience in learning and development, Brandon has been a facilitator, an instructional designer, and a leader in various organizations.