For over 10 years, Learning Solutions Conference & Expo has brought together L&D professionals from around the globe to share what works at the evolving intersection of learning and technology. In recent years, increased synergies have emerged between learning and HR technologies and solutions. We’re excited to announce that Learning Solutions will continue to evolve to address these synergies, expanding its scope in 2024 under a new name: Learning & HR Tech Solutions. This expanded event adds a targeted focus on HR Technologies to the established Learning Solutions Conference & Expo experience.

Learning & HR Tech Solutions

April 23 – 25, 2024 • Orlando, FL

Step into a world of innovation and endless possibilities at the all new Learning & HR Tech Solutions Conference and Expo. Brace yourself for an event that transcends boundaries, fosters collaboration, drives engagement, and cultivates a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Join us to explore the evolving landscape of talent development and its profound impact on organizational success. Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of thought-provoking conference sessions and discussions, thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of Learning and HR professionals both individually and collectively.

Prepare to be inspired in the vibrant expo, free for all to attend. Discover innovative solution providers, be captivated by inspiring keynotes, and engage in thought-provoking sessions that will shape the future of work.

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Unite, Innovate, & Evolve the Future of Work and Learning

Strengthen Skills at the Conference

The Learning & HR Tech Conference provides over 150 sessions and experiences that offer practical solutions for implementing innovative strategies, fostering employee engagement, harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, and much more.

With dedicated sessions for both learning and HR professionals, as well as sessions that cater to both audiences, you’re sure to find the knowledge and skills needed to enhance your organization’s talent development strategies.

Discover Solutions & More at the Expo

The FREE to attend Expo is where decision makers converge to discover cutting-edge solutions that will propel their organizations to new heights. Immerse yourself in a dynamic marketplace, engage in meaningful conversations, and discover new ideas that will shape the future of work.

Benefit from the collective wisdom and diverse perspectives of a vibrant community eager to push the boundaries of innovation through captivating keynotes and sessions.

“The worlds of learning and HR have always been connected, but in recent years we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of systems and processes that integrate with one another. Combine that with the increased focus organizations are placing on the complete employee experience and the evolving needs of a changing workforce and you have a recipe ripe for disruption and transformation. That’s the challenge learning and HR professionals are facing today, and that’s the problem that the Learning & HR Tech Solutions Conference and Expo is designed to help organizations solve.”

David Kelly

David Kelly
CEO, Learning Guild

Sponsorship/Exhibition Opportunities

If you have questions about sponsoring or exhibiting at Learning & HR Tech Solutions 2024, or would like to discuss a customized promotional campaign, please contact one of the representatives below:

Learning Solutions Providers
Anthony Licata
1.707.387.1878 or via email

HR Solution Providers
Christian Keator
1.203.581.2945 or via email

And some even more exciting news: the call for speaking proposals is now open!

If you have session ideas that share what works in the world of learning and HR technologies, we want to hear them! And if you have a friend or colleague who you think would be interested in speaking, we encourage you to forward this link their way.

Deadline: Friday, August 18

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the easiest way to register for the conference?

The easiest way to register for the conference is to do it online.

If you would like to be notified when registration opens, please sign up for updates at the top of this page.


What discounts will be available?

Yes! Several pre-registration discounts will be available, many of which can be combined to increase your savings. Please be sure to signup for registration notifications above to ensure you are notified in advance of discount deadlines.


Where is the event taking place?

The event is taking place at The Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Where should I stay?

For the best experience of everything that Learning & HR Tech Solutions has to offer, we recommend staying at the event hotel, The Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Check back soon for reservation and room block information.


What is the conference Code of Conduct policy?

You can read the Learning Guild’s Code of Conduct here.

What is the contact information for the Learning Guild?

The Learning Guild
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New York, NY 10018

Phone: +1.707.566.8990
Fax: +1.707.566.8963

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