About Learning & HR Tech Solutions

Welcome to Learning & HR Tech Solutions—a pivotal event where learning and HR technology unite to shape the future of talent development. 

Evolving from its roots as Learning Solutions, Learning & HR Tech Solutions Conference and Expo opens the doors to HR technology solutions through invigorating conference sessions tailored for HR professionals that build upon the existing Learning Solutions conference program, complemented by an expanded Expo hall featuring solutions supporting the complete talent development technology ecosystem.

Join professionals from learning and hr in shaping the future of talent development

The reimagined Conference and Expo is dedicated to fueling the growing intersection between Learning and HR technologies and workflows. Prepare for a groundbreaking event that unites global learning and HR professionals to create an environment of continuous evolution.

Learning & HR Tech Solutions offers two compelling registration options: a full conference registration or a FREE Expo+ pass. Both include access to the bustling Expo Hall, where you’ll interact with 100+ leading industry suppliers, participate in 45+ Expo Stage sessions, absorb enlightening keynotes, and network during a variety of Special Events.

For those opting for the full conference registration, enjoy even more benefits. Delve into 150+ meticulously curated sessions and embrace an immersive learning journey that caters to the realms of Learning & HR both separately and collectively. Each session presents best practices, real-world case studies, cutting-edge tools, and actionable strategies—insights you can immediately apply once you return to your workplace.

Learning & HR Tech Solutions isn’t just an event—it’s your gateway to transformative possibilities, whether you’re focused on learning or HR, or the powerful space where both intersect. Your journey towards shaping the future starts here. Join us as we unveil the next chapter in talent development’s story.