Realize New Possibilities

Whether you’re coming for the full conference experience or the free-to-attend Expo, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming this year’s keynote lineup to the big stage! Prepare to be inspired by each speaker’s invaluable wisdom, personal experiences, and revolutionary perspectives.

The intersection of AI and the human workforce is evolving faster than ever, particularly within HR and Learning & Development sectors. But how do these professionals harness the potential of technologies such as Generative AI, while also ensuring they adapt their own roles for the future of work? Drawing from his extensive experience with giants like Tesla, Google, and Disney, Maurice Conti will delve into the unique challenges and opportunities for HR and L&D professionals in the age of AI. He’ll unravel the significance of synthetic humans in modern learning, strategies for seamlessly integrating AI into your organization, and how to evolve mindset and skillset to remain indispensable in this new frontier. Join Maurice to navigate and master the AI-driven transformation reshaping how we learn, recruit, and thrive. Read more.

In this keynote session, Daymond John, a renowned entrepreneur, business expert, and star of Shark Tank, will share his invaluable insights drawn from his own rags-to-riches journey, demonstrating how the principles of entrepreneurial thinking can be effectively integrated into corporate settings. You will learn about the “Power of Broke” philosophy and how it cultivates resourcefulness and innovation. John will provide practical strategies for applying entrepreneurial thinking to both individual and team development, offering key takeaways in leadership, creativity, and adapting to change. This session promises to equip HR and L&D professionals with the tools and perspectives needed to drive their organizations toward greater innovation and success, while also addressing the unique challenges of corporate environments. Read more.

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