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P04 Making Microlearning Work for Your Organization

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday, April 22

Incorporating microlearning into an organization’s learning ecosystem is not always as successful as L&D professionals envision. Especially if the expectation is a change in performance. This is largely in part to seeing the word “microlearning” as just another learning product, not for all of its meanings – a concept for developing an individual’s aptitudes/skills, a method for building (or refining, augmenting, etc.) skills/behaviors over time by targeting facets of those skills/behaviors through repetition, and as a strategically designed campaign that includes (typically) multiple learning products to address those facets. This workshop focuses on key factors that affect performance optimization by actively engaging the participant in the how and why of the design process.

Using a case scenario, participants will see the application of these elements, so that they can then begin building a microlearning campaign to augment a current curriculum of their own. Examples of goals, measures, and completed templates will be provided to use as guides and to facilitate inquiry on part of the participant to assist in associating how they can design for their own organization. The goal is to first focus on a challenge the entire audience can work through together and build meaning from before moving to mapping out a strategy for something at the participant’s organization.

Participants should leave the session with a better sense of what is possible with microlearning for their organization, a pathway to getting started, and templates to help them get going!

In this workshop, you will learn…

  • Differentiation of the terms microlearning as related to a method, a campaign, and a product
  • How to determine the purpose and potential of a microlearning campaign
  • How to develop a measurable framework for a microlearning campaign and map a campaign to that framework
  • Which factors to consider related to spaced retention, evaluating performance, and operational implementation
  • How to map a microlearning campaign

Robyn Defelice

Learning Strategist/Consultant/Author


Robyn A. Defelice, PhD, is a consultant, author, and presenter with over 20 years in the L&D field. She is the co-author of Microlearning: Short and Sweet and has been researching How Long Does it Take to Develop Training for over a decade. Robyn’s passion comes from working with L&D leadership and teams to get them to the decision-making table. She strives to empower L&D professionals using her adventures in meeting client challenges, from corporate to manufacturing, government to higher education, and non-profits to startups.