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Promoting Your Session

Letting people know about your session is a great way to build the audience for it. Here are some tips for getting started:

#LSCon—the Conference Hashtag

If you’re talking about the conference on social media, be sure to use the conference hashtag, #LSCon, to get more eyes on what you’re sharing. Also, as we get closer to the event, try checking into what people are sharing with the hashtag and get involved in conversations and questions before the conference even begins.

Learning Solutions Session Videos

We’re inviting you to film yourself telling attendees why they should come to your session. Think of it like an elevator speech—you’ve got just a few moments to communicate the value you’re bringing, so make it count. Make it like taking a selfie – quick and easy to record. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or webcam and a few minutes. We’ll host your video on your session description page and share it on social media. Just remember to:

  • Keep it short: We’re looking for trailers that are about 30 seconds long
  • Keep it focused on your session: Think elevator speech, not a sales pitch
  • Send us your video: Send the video file to programs@LearningGuild.com to be included in session promotions!
  • Include your social media handle: if you’d like us to tag you on Twitter or Instagram when we share your trailer

When creating your teaser video, keep in mind that it should be a quick intro to your topic—giving people just enough to want to know more. Include a little about what makes your session unique, how it can help them in their own work, and what they’ll gain from attending. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and make your video authentic to who you really are! Want more information on how to create a teaser trailer or what makes a compelling one? Check out our trailer tips video for ideas or view one of these example teasers. If you have any questions reach out to programs@LearningGuild.com for guidance.

Speaker Badges and Logos

We have a number of logos and badges available below that you can use in blog posts, social media posts, email signatures, and other areas to promote your session. If you use these images, please ensure that you maintain the image aspect ratio and prevent them from appearing pixelated.

By using these logos and images, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • If you resize these images, you must maintain the aspect ratio and ensure that the images aren’t pixelated.
  • Please link to the Learning Solutions Conference homepage, using this link: https://learninghrtech.com/speaker

Conference Logo

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